Lava Clay for skin and hair cleansing

The most natural way of skin and hair clensing

Millions of years ago humans already knew of the many uses of lava clays. It provides cleansing, purifying and bloodcirculation promoting minerals for the skin. These lava clays were created in the last iceage, through the decomposition of stones. There´re also lava clays which were created by the wind, or igneous rock. They´re beeing mined 30 meters below the earth. Main ingredients are loessial soils and minerals like iron, silica, potassium, calcium, silicon, magnesium, zink, copper and selenium. The composition varies from lava clay to lava clay, which also explains their destinct color. Due to their great surface area, they posses enormous adsorbtion abilities. They also stand out for their high swelling capacity, which binds dirt, dead skincells and overproduced sebum, while providing the skin with minerals.

SAFEAS Lava Clays reflect on their original use: They cleanse the skin and hair mildly, speed up the metabolism and gently remove pollutants. SAFEAS Lava Clays are 100% natural, surfactand free, do not contain any fragrances or other additives and are also fitting for people suffering from allergies.

SAFEAS Lava Clays

Ghassoul Lava Clay

The brown Lava Clay, originating from the atlas mountains, with their naturally high amound of silica is especially suited for normal to greasy skin and for sensitive scalp as well as dandruff and greasy hair. Ghassoul lava clay maintains and cleanses especially intensive and gentle, without irritating. Dirt and fatparticles are removed without damaging the skins natural acid mantle.

Illite Lava Clay

Illite is a depository lava clay, which was brought together by the wind. The fine, greenish lava clay shows a high amound of copper and is especially suited for sensitive skin and stressed hair. Illite Lava Clay cares and cleanses very gently, without irritating, and is suited as a mask as well.

Kaolin Lava Clay

This especially fine strained and very light colored lava clay was created from decomposed feldspar, it´s also called porcelain-clay. The iron and copper free lava clay with a very high amound of kaolinite, is perfectly suited for dry skin and thin hair. Kaolin Lava Clay cares and cleanses gently and thoroughly without irritating.

  • Posted on March 27, 2018

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