Origin and production of the Tamanu oil

The evergreen, hardwood Tamanu tree (Calophyllum inophyllum), still called Alexandrian laurel, comes from the Pacific region. The Calophyllum inophyllum belongs to the genus St. John's wort family. The Tamanu tree is native to Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Tahiti and Sri Lanka. Due to its high salt resistance it is often found on the coasts but also inland. The Tamanu tree is 12-20 meters high and is recognizable by its dark, rough bark and the elliptical leaves. Twice a year the tree blossoms with fragrant, white flowers. The flowers gradually become yellowish fruits. These fruits have an apple-like flavor and inside is the 3-4 cm Tamanu nut.

Tamanu nuts

For the production of 1 liter of Tamanu oil about 20 kg of Tamanu nuts are needed. The Tamanu nuts are first dried in the sun for at least two months until a rich, dark, very viscous oil layer has developed on the outside. By means of cold pressing of the dried nuts, the precious dark green and nutty-bitter smelling Tamanu oil, also called Calophyllum oil, is obtained. From a Tamanu tree can be obtained up to 5 liters of Tamanu oil. The Tamanu tree also supplies hardwood, known as Indian mahogany or rosewood.

Effect of Tamanu oil

Tamanu oil contains to a large extent about 50% oleic acid, about 20% linoleic acid, about 15% palmitic acid and about 12% stearic acid and valuable nutrients such as sterols, glycolipids, phospholipids and tocopherols. Furthermore, the Tamanu oil contains a high resin content, to which the special effect of Tamanu oil is due. Characteristic of the Tamanu oil are its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiviral properties. Tamanu oil is also credited with a moisturizing, scar-healing, antibacterial, soothing and even UV-absorbing effect. The regular use of Tamanu oil improves the microcirculation and elasticity of the skin. It promotes the formation of new tissue and thus the wound healing and development of a healthy skin.

Application areas of Tamanu oil

The use of tamanu oil has a long tradition. The oil can be applied extremely diverse. In Southeast Asia, tamanu oil has been traditionally used for centuries for the healing and regeneration of cuts, bites, stings, acne, stretch marks and as a mosquito repellent. In traditional medicine, it is used for scar care, joint pain, varicose veins, burns, sprains, sciatica, arthritis and rheumatism. Products with Tamanu oil

SAFEAS Tamanu Repair Oil

The soothing, quickly absorbed active ingredient oil of Polynesian Tamanu nuts, rich in calophyllic acid and neo-flavonoids harmonizes and strengthens the skin and brings it back into natural balance. The fine facial oil gives a velvety soft feeling and an even complexion. SAFEAS Tamanu Oil Repair is ideal for sensitive, irritated and flaky skin.

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