Safeas skin care is much more than just care. Safeas beauty care is a holistic approach, which can attain full development potential of the skin and activates the skin's ability to regenerate itself by its internal forces. SAFEAS has not only the individual condition of the skin in focus, but also its own personal rhythm. Winter or summer, day or night, the skin needs the right care at the right time. Start your grooming routine with a cleansing milk before you moisturise your skin with a facial tonic and finally apply the right serum and a face cream.


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The right solution for every care requirement Healthy and effective beauty products combined with attentive treatment techniques and a holistic care concept form the basis for the exceptional SAFEAS facial treatments – for every skin condition and any age.

Gesunde Naturkosmetik mit effektiven Pflanzenwirkstoffen für die ganzheitliche, individuelle Pflege und Gesunderhaltung von Haut und Haar. 100% zertifizierte Naturkosmetik, einzigartige Texturen, parfumfrei, nachhaltig und frisch in kleinen Chargen produziert, Qualität Made in Germany. SAVE YOUR SKIN. Wir glauben, dass die Natur optimal der Haut dabei hilft, sich selbst zu regenerieren, gesund und maximal schön zu sein.
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