SAFEAS represents a very challenging philosophy of authenticity, purity and health. A philosophy that applies to every aspect of value creation, from the raw material selection, over the extraction and production methods to the holistic care program.

SAFEAS Organic Beauty combines traditional knowledge with organic actives, cosmetic knowledge and modern research into an innovative, highly effective and particularly mild beauty care with individual solutions for every skin type.

We manufacture all our products in our development and manufacturing facility in Munich with the highest possible percentage of organic and fairly traded ingredients. The delicate fragrances and precious ingredients of nature are processed quickly and carefully to avoid losing the valuable actives and nutrients of fresh flowers, oils and essences.

The basis of each product is bio-dynamic blend of powerful, natural oils and plant essences effectively used as holistically and naturally as possible. The range is characterized by particularly high skin compatibility and includes innovative, all-natural ingredients whose efficacy has been scientifically proven. Our motto is: With nature and high-tech for optimal efficacy.