Quality Made in Germany

At each stage of the development and manufacture of our products, we set high standards not only to the organic quality, purity, and the gentle processing of all ingredients, but also to environmental sustainability.

Thus SAFEAS products contain primarily vegetable raw materials of natural origin, certified organic or biological wild collection. All our plants are native and our oils are organic, in order to conserve the full plant power. All fragrances are made from 100% pure natural essential oils (no synthetic perfumes).

The complete range is without parabens, silicones, petroleum derivatives, synthetic chemical fragrances, colors or preservatives, animal ingredients - except honey and beeswax in a few products. Even animals tests are not natural for SAFEAS in question.

Every Safeas product is Quality "Made in Germany: from the product idea to the finished crucible. The entire range is developed and produced exclusively at our site in Munich. The in-house production guarantees traceability and optimal control of the production conditions.

All Safeas products fulfill strict EcoControl and NCS (Natural Cosmetic Standard) criteria for controlled natural cosmetics. That means essentially: Certified natural cosmetics must contain only natural and nature-based raw materials - preferably from organic farming or from wild collection. In addition, each individual preparation is subject to our strict in-house quality standards.