Symbiosis of manual labor and High Tech

SAFEAS was established in 2008 the in-house laboratory in Munich, where all SAFEAS products are developed and produced. The manufacturing facility is certified by ECO-Control, an independent inspection body. In our modern production facilities we manufacture according to the GMP - guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice) and guarantee a high level of quality, efficiency and safety.

The manufacturing process is based on the symbiosis of carefull handwork with the latest technology. Because the efficacy is also determined by its way of processing. Only botanical ingredients, mainly from certified organic farming or organic wild collection are processed. All our vegetable oils are native and from organic farming and the fragrances are 100% natural essential oils (no synthetic perfumes).

The complete range is free of parabenes, silicones, petroleum derivatives, synthetic chemical fragrances, colors or preservatives, animal ingredients - except honey and beeswax in a few products -. No animal testing is caried out, neither in the development nor in the manufacture.

A complete documentation according to the legal requirements ensures a high degree of transparency.

The quality management covers all steps of the value chain, from the raw material procurement to delivery. The traceability of all raw materials is ensured. Quality checks during the various stages of processing secure the conformity of products with the specification.